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NOTICE - For Owners of Mesney Fine Art

If you own any of my fine art illustrations, they’re nominal value has increased. Here’s why:

The original business plan for Douglas Mesney Art was based on the limited-edition model popularized by such artists as Thomas Kinkaid and Michael Godard.

Illustrations were intended to be published in editions of 44, 111 or 444. The intended edition size for each picture was indicated on its Certificate of Authenticity and Limitation.

Instead of printing full editions, illustrations were printed one at a time, on demand. Publication of all illustrations ceased in 2010. Only one or two copies of most illustrations were printed; six to twelve copies were made of the half dozen most popular illustrations. The small size of each edition increases the nominal value of each illustration.

If you would like to know the number of prints made for any specific picture, or would like to receive a copy of this notice bearing an original signature, contact me by writing to douglas@mesney.com

Owners should print this Notice and save it with your art work(s)’ Certificate of Authenticity.