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 mexican lady

The Mexico Collection features pictures resulting from travels across the Yucatan and down through Belize, to Frontera, Guatemala.

Merida was home base for the first part of the trip. Trudy Woodcock, who's an ex-pat Vancouverite who now runs Illuminado Tours, was my (very able) guide.

The Yucatan is quite different from the rest of Mexico in that many of its inhabitants are of Mayan origin, so there's an very different look and feel to the place. It's also less developed... at least the areas outside the Mayan Riviera.

The latter part of the trip was aboard a 52-foot catamaran skippered by John Connolly who is a top instructor at San Francisco based American Sailing Academy. We sailed out of Placentia harbor at the southern tip of Belize, then up the Rio Dulce River in Guatemala to the aptly named town of Frontera.

Crossing Belize from top to bottom in a Mexican rent-a-car was a true adventure from which I can advise travellers: never, ever drive in Belize without a local insurance tag.

The visual highlights of the trip were Celestun, home of the flamingos, and the Cays off the coast of Belize. You can see why, in this Collection.


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