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Car & Driver magazine was my first client, and the mentorship of their art director, Gene Butera, shaped my future as a photo illustrator in ways that I am still discovering.

For example, my skills at creating effects came from necessity. Nearly every time Gene sent me out to shoot, the sun was nowhere to be seen. They even nicknamed me: "Murky Mesney." So, out of self-defence, I taught myself how to do compositing and retouching, so I could deliver despite Mother Nature.

These skills were further honed when Tom Ridinger came on board at Car & Driver and the publisher allowed us to emulate Twen, a German magazine, that impressed Tom and I by taking editorial art to new levels of sophistication. Gene himself was no slouch, in that department, by the way.

The Cars Collection brings back some of the best of those images.

The first grouping features scenes from the Canadian-American (Can-Am) races at Bridgehampton, Long Island, New York, back in 1968 and 1969.

These will soon be joined by the "Best of Car & Driver" which is intended to be a retro commemorative grouping.



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Click here to view the full Cars Collection.

The catalogue a printable PDF.

For more information email douglas@mesney.com