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Skies Collection

The Skies Collection presents interpretations of Nature's art... transitory illusions illustrated to provoke imagination.

Illusionary Dawn

In 1998 I started gathering together pictures of skies that had been taken in many parts of the world over three decades.

The very best were culled from thousands.

Within each many others lay waiting to be revealed.

A famous sculptor said that he merely uncovered that was already within the stone.

As this Collection emerged, it felt that way.

In some you may feel as though you are peering at a mountain.

In others you may see figures and symbols.

Beyond prettiness, their abstraction can provoke thought.

If we do inherit knowledge, surely patterns in the sky are part of it...

and, if we do, in fact, re-incarnate, these images may recall the past.

Metaphysical considerations aside, there's a purely decorative aspect and a sufficient variety to go with almost any couch.'

sky           ray of hope

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horizon's end

Thanks to Pam Swanson whose considerable help with the groundwork of this Collection is valued and appreciated.

For more information email douglas@mesney.com